If you have a car, it is important that you have a safe and secure place to park it. A well-functioning garage door and garage door opener will help you to make your garage the safest place. At the same time, it is also essential that you know how to conduct garage door repair in case if something went wrong with your magical equipment.

The overhead garage door system works with the springs that are easy to handle. You can hire the Carmel, Indiana garage door repair service to tackle the complex problem. They have experienced technicians that provide 24/7 services to protect you from unexpected troubles. The following are the necessary steps to be taken to fix the garage door.


  • If garage door tracks are loose, tighten the screws and bolts at the garage door brackets. If you realized that the garage door is damaged and difficult to fix, replace them.
  • Make sure that the garage door tracks are aligned completely. These tracks should be placed along with the wall of the garage. After performing the repair, if you still feel that tracks are not aligned in the way, they should be. Lose the brackets again and readjust them in the right position. Remember, tighten the bolts carefully.

  • While performing a DIY garage door repair, make sure that you have clean the tracks with the cleaner to remove dust and grease. After cleaning the tracks and rollers, wipe them to dry and reinstall them.
  • Lubricate all the moving parts of the garage door like roller, tracks, hinges, and other screws. You can use silicone spray to do this.
  • Check the garage door springs and make sure that they are hooked properly into the notches and holes of the door. You can readjust the tension of springs by removing the hook to the next hole.
  • In the case of broken garage door springs, you have to replace them. You can perform garage door spring replacement yourself if you have expertise in the DIY project and well familiar with the use of technical tools. Don’t forget that these springs are placed under a high degree of tension. You may get hurt if handled improperly. It is best to avail of the services of a professional company to avoid any accident.

  • If the garage door motor will not stop after the door closes. You may need to examine the limits of the switch. You can fix it on the garage door opener unit.
  • If the garage door opener is humming but the door does not open. It is a clear sign that your garage door is functional but you have to check its other moving parts to obstruct the problems. It may be a possibility that you have to readjust the force. Although, the motor has the ability to lift the weight of the garage door the springs might not have enough strength to force the door.
  • In order to check the strength of a garage door opener, you should disconnect it from the door and try to lift the door manually. Then try to position the garage door at its half path. If it will stay at that point then the garage door springs are in a good position. If it doesn’t stay, it means that you have to fix and repair the garage door springs with the help of professional consultation.

Even though, you may think that you are not an expert in handling DIY garage door and garage door opener repair and know nothing about garage door parts. There are some basic points that you can use to conduct DIY garage door repair. It is also beneficial to take the services of a reputed and registered company in this regard.



Ways to Do a Garage Door Repair