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Here are the reviews of our satisfied consumers and business owners that have the Burrito Box in their stores. Keep in mind that these are all true and is updated every time someone posts their comments and reviews in our site. Please take a moment to read for you to have an idea of how our Burrito Box works.

I got intrigued by this Burrito Box. It is the talk of the town, so I decided to walk overthe gas station one night and see what this Burrito Box all about. The Burrito Box vending machine is quite modern, with an LCD TV screen and touch screen menu. You have the option to choose from their 5 different burrito meals with the opportunity to addside dishes for additional costs. I ordered roasted potato burrito and the cost is only $3. The burrito heats up faster than I thought and it tastes just like the usual burrito you have ordered on the restaurant.

– Ellen –

Our nearby convenient store recently got a Burrito Box. It’s a big orange box that will capture your interest and makes you want to try it. It has a touch screen to navigate your order, and the good on it is that they show the nutritional facts of the burrito’s ingredients. After ordering, it will ask you to choose an add-on and of course, it is optional and will get an additional cost if you do. Condiments like sour cream, Tabasco, and guacamole are among the options.

– Michael –

I was in hurry to go to my work and had no time for me to cook my breakfast. Fortunately, I saw the Burrito Box in the gas station where I always to go to gas up my tank. I run through with it and ordered beef shredded burrito. In less than 3 minutes, I got my heated burrito. While I am waiting for my burrito to come up, a short video was played on the screen. This kind of vending machine is truly an innovative one. I suggest this Burrito Box to everyone especially if you are on the go. This food vending machine is totally the one for you.

– Dean –