Our Story

Growing up we all really thought we'd be flying around in jetpacks and spaceships today. The future of days past is here but the reality envisioned by so many, is not. That's why years ago, two friends decided to dream a little bigger. At the time un-knowingly taking on one of the biggest challenges facing our planet. This led them on a journey to bring a shared vision of the future, seen on movie screens and in pop culture for 50 years, out into the world finally.

This is where our story begins.

We set our goals high with health & safety being our first, second and third focus right from the beginning. From there we said the machine itself must look beautiful even though inside at it's core, this had to be more than just a machine.

It had to be a complete system, one which can be moved into any location and will simply just work, in turn earning your trust immediately after your first bite.

Next the food was the focus for us, each burrito being made one by one, not by a machine but by a person. We achieve this strictly using real meats and vegetables, all grilled on real grills and rolled up in a tortilla one by one.

Finally we have a user experience second to none. We're bringing new technology into the physical world, this is exciting and our user experience had to embody it. While you wait for your food to cook you’re enjoying your favorite music videos or seeing new movie trailers for the first time. If our software senses a problem or you simply have a question, we’re on-screen right away. Our live video chat customer service not only let’s us speak face to face, it also let's us control the machine right in front of your eyes.

This is where Our Story kicks into high gear.

First came our Pizzabox machine, cooking a hot and delicious pizza in just 90 seconds featuring an 800 degree oven inside. After many designs and generations, we still haven’t put this machine out although a lucky few have gotten a first-hand look and taste of it. Everyone’s curious and always asking us, to answer your question - we’re almost there - Pizzabox will undoubtedly make a big splash when it’s ready but still under development.

Next came Burritobox with a whirlwind of new features after years of development and know-how. It took even more time, with even more testing to bring a true automated fast food machine to life. We launched the first-ever Burritobox Model I on January 1, 2014 in Los Angeles, CA. After years of hard work, we couldn't of imagined what happened next in our wildest dreams.

Upon debuting in the Los Angeles market, Burritobox took a life of it's own and within one week Burritobox became the top story in the US and worldwide. Burritobox grabbed headlines in every major publication from TIME Magazine to USA Today and in most major media outlets including The Today Show and CNN. Jimmy Kimmel praising Burritobox as “…maybe the most exciting piece of technology ever.” It was a sweet moment, proving the world never stopped dreaming, just like us.

This brings us to where we are now - debuting the newest and most exciting machine we've ever created, the Burritobox Model II. We can't wait to introduce everyone, young and old, to such a feature rich and fun experience. Expect to see a Burritobox near you soon. You'll be able to find us in major airports, universities, hospitals, military bases, train/bus stations and retailers nationwide.

We promise we’ll keep pushing the boundaries of what's possible, just like in the beginning - when two dreamers decided to dream a little bigger.