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Star Trek's 'replicator' inspires Burritobox

Well dressed and energetic, Denis Koci was in his element surrounded by a hungry gaggle of onlookers as he explained and demonstrated Burritobox, an automated burrito-doling machine he created that's based on the “replicator” food machines in Star Trek.

Koci, a self-labeled futurist, is a massive fan of the spacey TV series.

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Important: A burrito vending machine is a magical thing that exists

You know when you don't want to go to sleep, because reality is better than your dreams?

Yeah, that. That's what's happening here. Because here in the real world, there's such a thing as a burrito vending machine.

As brought to light by Delish, the Burrito Box is a vending machine that churns out burritos in 90 seconds.

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