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Many of you are asking about the new and the hottest vending machine right now. So, we’ve compiled the most common questions and posted them in this section. In this way, it will be more convenient for you and you can save your effort and time in sending us an email. However, if you do not find the answer to your question here, you are free to send it to us via email or phone call. For now, please take time to read the following questions and answers below.

?Can I start a Burrito Box vending business with small capital or no money down?
AYes. There are two options to get our Burrito Box vending machine. The first option is to purchase the equipment and the second one is to lease the equipment. You can choose to lease your new vending machines from us with zero money down depending on the agreement. Upon purchasing or leasing our Burrito Box, we offer the whole ingredients for the first selling, but when you run out you must purchase the next batch.
?I am new in the business and want to make it grow fast. How do I advertise my Burrito Box to the customers?
AYou can start advertising in your community by handing out printed flyers. You can also post or share your Burrito Box advertisement on an online internet site. There is also a place on the internet where most of the business owners place their ad to market their products.
?I am considering attending some of the charity events and to place my Burrito Box vending machine there. Do you have any list of charity events that I can be a part of?
AThere are a variety of charity events where you can promote your Burrito Box. Unfortunately, we do not have any list for that. However, if you really want that, simply contact our group and we will help you find the nearest events and shows for you.