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Welcome to Burrito Box website! You’ve reached the About Us Page, and we are glad that you are interested in our story. To share our short but impressive story with you is one of our goals because we want all the people to know about the genius creator of Burrito Box and this amazing and unique vending machine.

Daniel who is our CEO and the creator or founder of Burrito Box got the whole idea from his love of burrito and on the go food. He is always busy with his work and business that gives him no time to cook at all for himself. In just a few months this concept came up to his mind, he already became dedicated to pursuing it and making it happen. So recently, the Burrito Box was launched and became successful in just a short period of time. Now Burrito Box is already recognized and even continues to spread great fast food not just in the city of Albuquerque but also outside the state. Soon, this will even extend to other places around the globe.

Burrito Box company does not stop in the concept that we have already at present. We are still in the process of adding new ideas to the Burrito Box to make it more healthy and to add another flavor into it and to make it more delicious. Also, we are considering putting some other vending machine that allows you to order other healthy food options. Technically, the company also wants to improve our machines technology-wise. But it is more complicated than what we first thought. This is particularly since Burrito Box vending machines are already spread in different places now so we can’t just take it one by one to upgrade the machine. However, after we finalized and tested the whole new Burrito Box equipment and got success from it, we are open to every Burrito Box vending machine owner to make us a call if they want their machine to be upgraded.

Burrito Box is a convenient and unique vending machine that allows you to order a healthy, fast, and delicious Burrito!